A Letter for my Boyfriend

Hi there baby! Hugs and kisses for you! I don’t know how to start this letter but I choose to start this with greetings and express what I want to do right at this moment with you (to hug and to kiss you. *blushed*).

Everyday spent with you is just priceless. A thought of you, I catch myself smiling for no reason at all ( No, there are reasons…your crazy acts and words. Hahaha! Peace yow ^_^V ). I will make a confession baby. At first I was scared a bit and too excited to meet you (kinda mixed emotions, right? I’m crazy! Hahaha!)

Our first date is just epic. Speechless. Why? We went to the beach! For me that was very romantic. And I always wanted to go to beach. I love the sands, water and I’m happy that we spent our first date there.

We share a lot of things. You are sooooo TALKATIVE! Really!!! You talked too much! (rolling eyes) Hahaha! Anyways, I love it because you are very conversant and I found myself listening to you (I swallowed my toungue on that moment. Momentarilly and literally speechless. hahaha!) And one more thing that I LIKE about you is… You smell GREAT! Wallah! 100 Gwapo points for you!

You never fail to make me smile (and laugh hard!) I know you will say “crazy!” I know you well. Hahahaha! Baby, when you’re with me I feel free! I can sing and dance with you, I can be so playful and that’s a FIRST for me.

You gave me feelings I never thought I needed. When the first time we spent the night together, I don’t even care about how I look and the most exciting part is…Until now I can’t stop myself from laughing every time it crosses my mind,  the cutest scene…you caught me… SNORING. Hahaha! You tease me by copying the sound of my snore. I hate you! Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! hahaha! Kisses!

My baby you’re so thoughtful and so sweettttt. You don’t just serve me the food, YOU FEED ME!!! As in LITERALLY!!! And I think you are INSANE!!! (hahaha) because you let me finish my food by feeding me! My goodness! That’s crazy but for me that’s so sweet! I LIKE YOUR CRAZINESS BABY! Teehee.

I’m glad you came into my life. Inshallah we will be happy together in the following months, years, decades and eternity.

Your babe that adores you so much,

Honey Lyn 2014 - 1 (1)

(our first month)


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